Gothic GLAM

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Seeing  Beauty in The Darknesssssss

Be inspired ....Gothic Glam is scrapped  up from the obsession of rock , vampires, and the misunderstood. Join the band of freaks ( me) and find your inspiration . Goth doesn't mean always dark although that's what I prefer. You can add pieces here and there to give some theatrical edge. Goth to me means Interview with vampire , meatloaf, combined with the glam of  Elvria. An even amount of dysfunction and mystery can bring about such beauty. Feast your eyes on some of my inspirations.  check out the stores below

RI RI always giving us some dopeness
Casual Goth look ... My look all the way 

Katy Perry looking quite dapper.. very Chic
Kristen Stewart

November 15th, 2012 was coldddd. Look
Miley Cirus letting her inner bad ass show . Very nice 
         Net - A- Porter
           Hot Topic
          Heavy Red        
Or Thrift Store your heart out ...yay!