Brace Face . . . is cool?

Posted by Kelly S on Monday, January 14, 2013 with No comments
Hmmm... Is this Fashion or Another Scream for Attention? Braces are the new Trend 2012/2013

Katy Perry in ,Music video
Remember back in the day when someone wearing braces was so called " lame." Being teased by all the other children without dental plans really can be hurtful. But now wearing braces in Asia is huge. People are going as far as going to the black market, street vendors, ect to get these braces. If not done properly ( by an Orthodontist )  can be extremely harmful and potentially life threatening.  Braces are super cute on some ill give you that. But seriously, braces are not necessary unless they are really needed. there are too many damaged adults who wore these things to have to relive this... AHHHH! ( horror music plays )  Just!  It is said that if you have braces that it represents that you have an abundance of wealth. Due to the expense of braces and of course the celebrities rocking them lately. To me the statement is just as silly as Bagel heads. But to each its own just be careful I heard someone has already gotten really sick from this. sheesh♦

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Gwen Stefani is rocking them to