Piercer or Poser

Posted by Kelly S on Monday, March 11, 2013 with 2 comments
I'm a strong believer in being yourself and going against the grain  The most innovative tend setters are usually a bit odd and unique personalities. And I love those who can pull off looks that i just never seem to be able to rock ( like the Olsen look -olsensanonymous). And I admire those people who admit that they shouldn't or couldn't do it . That leads me to the whole Tattoo and piercing fad... amongst many other trends. But Ill focus on my poser piercers for today ( don't wanna be to broad. ) Well, let me start by saying that I feel a person can change their personal style like the wind. So pose on and do what feels good . So if that means no permanent ear or nose piercings then I totally get it. What gets me are those who claims its real and even so they only got them because "EVERYBODY" else did. Or there favorite celeb has it ... So annoying its like seriously people this ish is permanent!  Idunno I have been seeing a lot if Septum rings popping up. I have one as well. But its strange to see so many people in one season getting them. I'm trying to find the celeb who started the craze.. Because when I first got it people thought I was nutzo. and they still do mind you but I feel like the septum is the new "tongue ring " like back in 99'... lol ...You Tell Me?

Scarlett has one 

Its me and my Septum ... Yay
mustache septum rings
I'm loving this actually .. how funny 

inked girls | Tumblr on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/UXBTme
she is gorgeous to me 
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