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Hey this one is for the ladies... findings right Bikini is hard enough. I realized that when I did a spread for Glamour magazine about  " The Best Swim Suit for you Body Shape."  I didn't realize that so many women  had an issue with this. For me I had the hardest time choosing a color for my complexion. What I saw on TV wasn't necessarily the look for me. From ghostly pale to the deepest of Ebony there is always a color that will let you shine. here is a a brief Guide to get you started .

If you’re curvy
Its me !

Medium Brown to Dark Brown girls we can pull off
All kinds of Purples and yellows. I even looked great in White.
We seem to look awesome in very colorful  swim wear so go for it.
Stay a way from muted colors . it flushes us way out! Tragic Really !

 Awesome pic from Sports Illustrated
If your blond or have light brown hair. And have fairer skin tones
I say go for the deeper colors. It is usually so pretty . Like reds, Blues, and Emerald greens.
I love blondes in Earth tones too. 
To all my cutie freckled girls generally pale/ and Red heads
Stick to pretty greens ( not highlighter green ...yikes) , Pinks, and blues.  tip toe away from too
much yellow or orange .