School is in Session

Posted by Kelly S on Sunday, September 01, 2013 with No comments
HAHA ! These kids have no way out of the forced school uniforms now in days. Charter schools and Private school  having been pushing this for years . i will say there are less issues in school with the whole drama of who has/wearing what . Which i kind of wish was implemented in my school days back in the day. Although now a way of expression through what i wear, how i do my hair ,ect is really important to me. So Surely, like me there are kiddos out there who really want to to separate themselves from the rest a bit. here are the only ways I think you can make uniforms work for the more unique personality.

Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel Air made his uniform his own

  1. Try a pop of color .. a  layered shirt underneath your uniform can be really flattering .-head bands or a broach. 
  2. If permitted wear a scarf or hat to embellish. Accessories are my best friend for even the most simple of outfits ( and that can be a pop of color too)  ( hair color extensions  , MK watches, bracelets, rings, cool earnings ) 
  3. shoe power .. I'm a strong believer that a awesome shoe can make an outfit and tell you a lot about a person. so if permitted get a awesome freakin shoe and show your true colors
  4. Same thing as accessories but not really .. backpacks , note books, folders , pencils go nuts .. hey they cant say anything about that right 

let your personality shine through . I know a lot of people feel so restricted when it comes to any kind of uniform .but if your smart you can always make something your own . And hey the preppy look is in anyway look at some of these NBA players..HA HA !