Faux Leather Everythang!!!!

Posted by Kelly S on Monday, November 04, 2013 with No comments
I LOVE THIS TREND!!!!! The fall always has killer styles that people can layer. Bringing back the biker/ rocker look and making it chic is awesome. Although a lot of us have been doing this for years. Its nice to see everyone has jumped on the band wagon. Don't  be scared to step to the dark side and rock out all the cute fashion with imitation leather. Which is even more awesome so no cute animals were hurt in the process.  i found some really cute website that have launched the look in a big way. And I have seen them in my office at work, at the club , even at local football games. People are eating this look up and I feel proud. Yes my Pretty Pleather Princess...spike your coffee while you check out the links below. Hotness *

Image 1 of Just Female Sweat Dress With Faux Leather