YaY more movies to look forward to!

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Hunger Games: catching fire  is back
This beloved movie will make a killing at the box office


 Old Boy

 Release date November 27
I hope i can stomach the violence in this one..But damn this looks like a good watch!!! What do you think?


You know me always stepping ahead of myself.. I just get so freggin excited man !  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has me bugging out. I cant not wait for this to come out. But apparently, I will have to wait until December 25th .. Sigh

It just looks groovy


Lone Survivor 
Soooooo Good ! Another survival story that gives people hope and triumph.

Release date December 27th 2013
Mark Wahlberg looks like he digs deep for this character. Cant wait to see him in this 

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