Charms and Beads over Diamond and Pearls ?

Posted by Kelly S on Monday, December 02, 2013 with No comments

That will be the day when charm bracelets replace diamonds.HA! Well not in this lifetime but I have been catching a lot of people rocking the whole beaded up bracelets and charms instead of being adorn with grandmas hand me down diamond bracelet. Although diamonds will never go out of style the complete opposite is definitely in style. the layering the expressing what you love by using charms. I love it  and big time celebs love it too. This is not a new trend by any means. Its just popping back up and its cute to see everyone expressing themselves or their cause. I see the  sweet bracelets to support a noble cause or the funky charms that show someones' new hobby. Expression is key...  letting people know who you are with a glance is so dope. I saw some cool stores that offer high to lower end beaded and charm bracelets. Go nuts ..stores are below