Las Vegas for two days...

Omg... Seriously i haven't even had a chance to write. i wish i could have literally took notes of all the madness while in Vegas. At this point majority is a blur. Which is good because that means you have accomplished the mirage which is Vegas. This would be my third go round in Vegas and the all end up dramatically different . I will no disclose to much because we all know the RULE in Vegas. This time I went with a group of buddies from Atlanta. And they honestly gave me a new perspective of Vegas. In lieu, of my preference of  libation and heavy dose of flirting. They introduced me to the more romantic and adventurous desert side of Vegas... ehhhhhhh still not into it ! But clearly there is plenty to do no matter who you are.

Day 1

  • Find a flight on Spirit, SouthWest, or Airtran. Delta even had some sweet deals . I would not recommend a bus for this shizznit.. That is not the move/ Road trip may be fun with friends. Only if your gonna sight see different places.
  • Check in hotel / ask concierge for any discounted coupons/ buffets, ect if the offer it / happy hour drinks ect
  • Walk around .. This is what I freggin forgot . Dude you have to have flipflops, awesome sandles , or tennis shoes for this walk. The strip is amazing but its a workout too.
  • Takes as many pictures as possible and grab a drink at any of the casinos while you practice your luck at the slots . ( my games this time was Roulette and wheel of fortune machines. so fun - go penny slots) 
  • Go back to the hotel and nap up / freshen up. Shit , shave and shower as I like to say and get moving again. You only have two days so make it count. This is your chance to take advange of some sweet buffet deals ( Escalibur had a good one) or eat a som yummy themed joint that is titally over priced. but its vegas baby . WTH!! ( My suggestions are below) 
  •  Party Time . Vegas never sleeps- my hangout of choice in the weeeeee hours are below 

classic ...I took this photo of the gracious waitress @ Heart Attack grill 

  • My friends gave me insite - actually get up early go to the exciting Wax muesum and a Tour. tehy went on the Hoover Dam Tour while I was sleep . ( yep, i didnt go... Vegas is for partying buddy. HA! maybe next time but if your out doorsy like I can be at times you will love this )
  • If you dont go on a excurtion I suggest hitting the gym or spa.. grab a smoothy and hit the slots for a while in your hotel if provided.
  • have lunch @ nearby buffet ( super known for buffets in vegas) if not go to a whole in the wall ( super cheap ) or catch the bus like I did to Fremont St. ( $8 bus ride for the whole day -only for the Double Decker bus tho :-(  less than 15 min ride. just great deal ) 
My picture of Fremont St. Just full of live and a cool Zip Line across the entire Strip . Very cool

  • If you are checking out any shows head back to you hotel using your bus pass or if  you rented a car its time to get sexy for the rest of your night. So head back and hit the showers.
  • Get dressed and keep it comfortable you never know if after a great show you may feel like going back to fremont or walking the Las Vegas blvd again. Oh yeah while getting dress definitely pregame which is awesome because the nearby Walgreens and CVS is a freggin liquor stores....literally
  • Time to eat again.. Vegas loves Dennys  ♥
  • If your not checking out a cool show and don't have major plans of that sort. I suggest hanging out on Fremont to people watch and enjoy the original casinos like Four Queens , the infamous Binion's Casino, and The Golden Nugget 
  • Check out day !!
    • Check out 
    • Pray God forgives you for everything you have done and a safe flight /bus/ drive home 
cool club concept INSERT COIN ON FREMONT ST 

Peppermill- ( I just love it ) 
Insert Coin
Ghost Bar ( I just like how you can get an amazing view. And you can look down from the rooftop in their transparent floor  niccceee

Restaurants :
Excalibur ( buffet )
Heart attack Grill ( for the experience ) 
Senor Frogs 
Sites I love - http://www.jackcolton.com/
I always go to this site every time before I go to Vegas .. meet great ppl and find out everything that's going on in town


 Atlanta for two days...

I currently reside in the heart of downtown Atlanta . Its great  living right here in the middle of everything. People watching has become the highlight of most of my free time. The growth in Atlanta is mind blowing from where it was 10-15 years ago. Made a huge leap in population during the 1996 Olympics. Every since then the acting scene, modeling and music has exploded here in HotLanta. And here are a few places I would suggest hanging for shits and giggles around my neck of the woods. Wave if you see me there.

One of the few cities left that still has greenary !! (=^.^=)

Day 1
  • Find a flight on Spirit, Greyhound or Mega Bus or drive down if you have the pocket for gas.     --grabs some friends to go to pitch in
  • Check in hotel / ask concierage for any discounted coupons , ect if the offer it / happy hour drinks ect
  • Walk around Centenntial Olympic Park   check it very nice especially if you can catch a jazz show
  • Check the aquarium aswell  right next to the park. find a coupon for a cheap ticket
  • get ready to EAT / cause that is what they do in the ATL >> resturant suggestions below
  • Eat at a place you can people watch  stay out til 9-10 pm .
  • Go back to hotel time to indulge in the nightlife. Halo, Reign nightclub, Anything on Cresent Ave, bottle bar, Ect limitless possiblities depending on what your looking for.
  • On the way back to the hotel you must go to Waffle house no questions asked.. ATL tradition

Centennial Olympic Park is always nice to see
  • Whenever in ATL you have to get eat eat eat an enjoy the outdoors. Go for a walk in Midtown and hit one of our bars like Daquori factor, or our cool Cuban spot poppi's
  • Check out High Arts Muesum  - sometimes they have a salsa night
  • have lunch or dinner at the infamous Bar One owned by the husband of one of our famous ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES
  • instead of a club try hanging out in the Highlands area or Old Fourth Ward in my area . Techno/Dubsep , MJQ, or even El bar.
  • After you have about 2,4,6..8 drinks in you check out Clairmont lounge .. you wont regret it . Open in the weee hours in morning
  • Time to eat again.. I know its 4:35am ... This time hit R. Thomas for late night breakfast ... ♥
  • Try to knock out because you gotta wake up and get your things together to jump on MARTA ..unless you drove of course
  • Check out day !!
    • Check out 
    • Pray God forgives you for everything you have done and a safe flight /bus/ drive home 

Highland  Area 
Bucket Shoppe 
Reign Nightclub 
Harlem bar
high Arts Museum ( Fridays)
Clairmonts Lounge

Restaurants :
Woody's Cheese teaks 
Two urban Licks
Fatt Matt's
One Midtown Kitchen
Cafe Circa
Fox Brothers 


New Orleans for two days...

Mardi Gras is an amazing time of year. To experience such incredible culture that exists right here in the US is quite  unique. I haven't seen anything quite like this beside Vegas and that is a completely different scale. Similar but much much different due to the french, and African influence in this great city. Come and grab and umbrella and get your dance on in the streets of New Orleans in Two days flat.

Day 1

  • Greyhound was the move 44.00 each way .. And I saw flights as low as 98.00 / though about driving but didn't wanna worry about gas .. and we wanted to sleep all the way there and back 
  • Greyhound / Mega bus or flying are all close to the warehouse/ french quarters don't get stuck on the taxi Tourist rampage .. there are trolleys and bus lines that will take you right there. ( taxis SUCK HERE)
  • Check in Hotel and prepared for a night of madness ( hotels below)
  • make a list of restaurants to go to/ ask locals ( it can be a hit or miss.. see my suggestions below**
  • Ask about the parades you want to at least catch one or two
  • Get your walk on. You have to see everything / but be safe stay around the French Quarters unless your traveling or with a local
  • No sleep / go club hopping and earn your beads chica !!!! whoot whoot !!! 
  • Fish bowl is a must .. taste like Kool- Aid but has over 7 shots in the one jar.. you feel in like 20 minutes.

  • Whenever you come back alive ( wake up) eat something solid to last you Fat Tuesday is a must see and you don't wanna be fatigued
  • Walking shoes on.. carry water snack and your cell phone in a convenient purse.
  • Eat lunch/ Dinner  (soak up some of the alcohol) 
  • go back to hotel and nap and freshing up .. this is your all nighter- sleep on the way home 
  • Wake up @ 10pm and start drinking while in the shower baby !!!!! its time to get FAT TUESDAY rolling before its all over 
  • dress cute but comfortable .. I saw too many chicks wear uncomfortable dresses and high heeled shoes.(big no no)
  • Hit the Harrahs Casino and spend 20 bucks why not hit the slots!!!
  • Hit IHOP on canal ( maybe somewhere else .. we had damn near a two hour wait .. we wernt even hungry anymore
  • Check out day !!
    • Check out 
    • Pray God forgives you for everything you have done and a safe flight /bus/ drive home 

    Restaurants/ Drink specials  Not 2 Miss
    1. Dragos 
    2. Mothers
    3. Duex duex ( fish bowl ) 
    4. Hotels /
      1. New Orleans Marriott where I stayed -->great club lounge)
      2. Harrah looks awesome .. casino TIMEEE
      3. Embassy Suites Convention Center
      4. Hilton New Orleans Riverside
      5. Royal St. Charles


Orlando for two days...

Orlando is a great place to check during the holidays with the family. Or in my case a few friends from work. Lets see how I can cram good ol' adventure park fun in Two days flat.

Island of Adventure
Ok so the plan is to Hit Island of Adventure and if time allows Universal Studios. We are all in our twenties and didn't really desire the whole Disneyland this time around. Although, if that's what your heart calls for go for it. They all pretty much cost the same amount if you buy your tickets at the window. Now, the tickets to these amusement parks should be your only spendy thing depending on where your flying from or driving from (gas).  And  you actually can get tickets much cheaper if you look. If your driving there are many places to purchases discount tickets. I have discounted tickets and look forward to no sleep on this journey! Lets GOOOOOO!

Day 1

  • Fly into Orlando airport- Or in my case taking the Mega Bus ( cheaper )  a whole $12.00
  • Take bus to hotel is necessary ( $2.00) / since with a group I will share a Taxi**
  • Find liquor store**
  • Check in Hotel ( hotels below)
  • Get lunch  (too many to choose from there a restaurant @ every corner ) 
  • Hit the pool and check out the area 
  • Find a nearby bar unless there is one in your hotel ( a lot of them tend to have a happy hour ) 

  • Dr. Clue Orlando CityWalk Universal treasure hunt scavenger hunt for corporate team building
    City walk ** Awesome restaurants, and music spots 
  • Hit the nearest club scene - Of course City walk  and the wonderful Pleasure Island 

DAY 2:

  • Hit the parks ( shuttles are usually free and ready to transport by 8am) 
  • eat lunch @ one of the groovy restaurants @ park (share- more fun) 
  •  (Optional )Get to second park by 3pm in our case Universal Studios until 7pm 
  • Eat dinner at City Walk ( nice variety to make everyone happy... or if ur solo like i do at times just walk through all of them )
  • Rest up for the return home/ or finish up the bottle in the room
  • Get paper work together for check out and flight /bus ride home
  • Go to the otel pool and meet random old people and talk about retirement. And why its great to retire in orlando.
Check out day !!
  • Check out 
  • Pray God forgives you for everything you have done and a safe flight /bus/ drive home 
Go home with another great memory .. yay !!! 



Miami for two days ...

Miami for two is quite enough if you go to the right places. Check out the scenes that I check out when I'm doing a two- nighter in the City that is so DECO Chic!

If your anything like me you like to travel on a dime and never have to cut corners to have a BLAST!. And the sweet part is you really freggin don't. And  no one ever has to know you how much you saved. Check out my itinerary and tell me how you would  change it or add on to it to make it an awesome two day estravaganza!!! Yeah baby

Day 1

  • Fly into Ft lauderdale airport ( cheaper ) 
  • Take shared shuttle ( 21.00 incl tip) only because its crunch time/ if we had more time it would be all about the $3.00 train from Lauderdale to MIA ( read my lips!! HA)
  • Check in Hostel @ 3pm (find some group parties and excursion all types of cool stuff ) Hostelworld.com 
  • Get lunch  ( check out my lunch places below ) 
  • Take a stroll to CVS or Walgreens ( get your basics like: Water, sunscreen , and anything else you need)
  • Walk the strip ( cheap and  fun/ ppl watch  ) 
  • Hit the beach  (make some new friends)
  • Hit the club /After 6pm prepare your evening/honestly club hopping is the best - My cheap pick is to walk to the Clevelander rarely any cover if you go before 8pm. And it  later turns into a great dance party. So much fun, but please advise for REAL drinkers stick to the non frozen drinks. I was Pissed!! 

Day 2 
  • Recover 
  • Beach- rent a bike if you can ( scooter if your budget allows ) 
  • go catch the bus to BAYSIDE SHOPS/ try a boat ride ( cheap and cheap ) 
  •  Guide To Bayfront Park
  • Try something different and sit in a lounge at a nearby hotel Fontainebleau is awesome, or the snazzy Delano is always nice.
  • Have dinner and take a few pics with some hotties 
  • Hit a club tonight ( your going home tomorrow) Mansion, Cameo , Nikki Beach  ect even go to a bar ( Mangos)  it all turns into dancing after hours.. 
  • Don't sleep hit the pizza joint on 7th st and Washington
  • Gather papers together for flight and ( train or group shuttle) ride to airport 
  • Get everyone's phone numbers for your next visit 
Check out day !!
  • Check out 
  • Pray God forgives you for everything you have done and a safe flight home 

Restaurants/ Drink specials  Not 2 Miss
  1. Puerto Sagua 
  2. BIG PINK ( late night tip.. Very nice) 
  3. The Abby brewing cafe
  4. The burger & beer joint 
  7. The PlayWright Irish  PUB
  8. Mangos Tropical Cafe ( ambiance more than anything ) 
  9. Maxines 

Feel Free to ADD ON***