He is a serial Television star of the most high Drama shows on cable and regular network television. Most noted for his past role in the Tudors as the illustrious King Henry VIII. He was super sexy in that show and simply irresistible currently in  the NBC drama Dracula. He has hit the silver screen a few times in films such as: Bend it like Beckham, Mission Impossible III,and most recently The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He is mysterious looking and fine as hell to boot. I think its his accent. No, maybe his eyes... yeah its the eyes. He can bite me any day (draaaccccuuulllaaa) spill my tea!

  • Name : Johnathan Rhys-Meyers
    Height: 5'8'
    Age: 36
    Born: July 27, 1977 (age 36),
  •  Drimnagh, Republic of Ireland
  • Profession: Actor, Model 

  • 11/8/2013

    What cant Mr. Brad Pitt do? He is a super fine with his mountain man beard lately. But when is he not super fine? Geez, it must literally be a curse to be this good- looking. He is surley taken but its always nice to watch him. And I say this in the most lustful and professional matter if that makes sense. He is eye candy but it has been a pleasure to watch him grow as an artist. We seen him in all types of movies my goodness! My personal favorites: Legends of the fall, Fight Club ,(ohhhhhh) TROY, Oceans Eleven, (My personal favorite ) Interview of the vampire, and who can forget the entertaining Mr and Mr. Smith.  Cant get enough of his fine ass. I just look forward to his future philanthropy and film making. I gotta feeling I'll love him when he is old and grey as well. a little cream in my tea babbbbbyyyyyyy!

     Name : Brad Pitt
    Height: 5'11'
    Age: 49
    Born: December 18 1963
    Profession: Actor, Philanthropist, ect


    Fine and a spiritual man ... Check Please !!! Omg he is a dream sent from heaven literally. He has a strong value system and now a beloved husband to the cutie pie Megan Goode. Dang, she did that ... Spill my Tea!!! If his hotness is not in the church he is creating wonderful films, and writing inspirational books like Produced By Faith.  People in general, only have great things to say about this talented man .  He appears have gotten his start when he interned for Will Smith, and James Lassiter. He is truly infectious with his enthusiasm about life and positivity about his career.  And good thing he is because 2012 this young man was named Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures.   He is a great example and fine is all get out. From his little preppy style to his now very enlarged pockets ( money) he is the man right now. But he knows where all his blessings come from .So it is possible to be heavy in the church have a moral standing and still be fine is all get out!! Come on guys, catch up.. this man is young, married, and doing his thing. And I just admire the faith and his commitment in one of the craziest places in the world ...Hollywood. He is responsible for films such as The Karate Kid ( remake), Jumping the Broom, and the most recent Sparkle. So you go boy and keep doing what your doing with your fine ass. whew

     Name : Devon Franklin
    Height: 5'11'
    Age: 34
    Born: January 1  1980
    Profession : Trick of all trades


    Micheal is most noted for his role i as Wallace n the HBO Wire. And Vince Howard in NBC's Friday Nights Lights. But now this cutie is in movies that are making millions. Watching his transition from television to the silver screen is quite spectacular. He is an amazing actor and not bad to look at either. His killer smile and great presence does not stop there...he actually has talent unlike some of my other Honey dip selections . Yes, i know he is a baby ladies and gents . Babies need someone to teach them too! Lets not leave him out of the variety of men I would like to put on my notch .  ( wink wink).  Jordan has played his dues and now has starred in awesome movie such as Chronicle, RedTails, and more recently Fruitvale Station. What most people don't know is that he was in hardball alongside Keanu Reeves. He was already familiar with HBO way before the Wire when he appeared on the Sopranos. He also has made appearances in Cosby, CSI, Without a Trace, and Cold Case. Now the handsome super star will play in Rocky's spin off Creed as the great boxer Apollo Creed's son. Oh my, that's gonna be good . Can't wait to review that ! Muah ! ♥                          

     Name :Micheal B. Jordan
    Height: 5'11'
    Age: 26
    Born: February 9 1987   Santa Ana, California
    Profession: Actor


    This recording artist / producer/model is too fine  it makes no kind of since . Truly ridiculous when you see this man in person. Anyway This guy is clearly a model and participated in the ANTM ( Tyra banks modeling show) that involved men and women in the season. I believe he does music and some kind of rapper. but lets be serious I couldn't give two shits .SCREW THIS LETS JUST LOOK AT PICTURES .. Agreed !

     Name : Don Benjamin 
    Height: 6 '0'
    Age: 25
    Profession : Model 


     The one and only wolverine. Of course that's not all Hugh Jackman can do, but I'm in absolute love. I'm convinced this Aussie prince is a freggin Alien.  Jackman , Pitt, and Craig are beyond some of the hottest white boys in the Hollywood game. They can feed me cherries or vice vera anytime.  But the love I have for Jackman  started back with the first X-men, and of course he was adorable in Swordfish. But I'm kind of vampy so i really enjoyed his role in Van Helising. Hugh Jackman has been acting and singing for years. ( had no idea about the voice until Les miserables.) He is happily married ..grrrrrrrr... to Deborah Lee Furness who is 13 years his senior. And they have two children together after over 16 years of marriage. Damn , Debbie you held that down! sigh.... He is a wonderful actor and apparently hubbie. and I can't see the stud muffin stopping anytime soon.

    Name : Hugh Jackman 
    Height: 6'2'
    Age: 44
    Born: October 12, 1968 Sydney , Australia 
    Profession: Actor/
    Hugh Jackman


    He is on fire right now. My sweet heart "THE ROCKKKK" Dwayne johns is super hot right now blowing up the freaking movie scene like crazy. he hasn't had a dull moment- he is officially an actor now. Many wrestlers have tried it but he has succeeded. And he is actually not a bad thespian and i find him to be quite funny too boot. But lets not gear off from the important things. like how fine his ass is. I mean seriously they just don't make them like this anymore.  Cute, can act, sense of humor..geez ! Just a great look on him. I'm going to be honest I would use this guy for his body. See, other women may want to get to know him and be around all the time. But for me... just make me laugh while I take advantage of you. (Hee Hee )He has paid his dues to Hollywood and now its all paying off. He is in movie after movie with no signs of stopping anytime soon . You Go Boy!

    Name : Dwayne "The Rock " Johnson 
    Height: 6'5'
    Age: 41
    Born: May 2, 1972  Haywood, CA
    Profession: Actor/ Wrestler

    Seriously!!! OMG 


    Super married and Super fine, Nicole Parker knows she "did that " when she locked this one down. I know most men are a pain. But my goodness it does help when they look like this.... grrrrr....Model/ actor/ spokesman/husband/ and now dad what doesn't he do!! Love this guy... He is a super nice person and super nice to look at . I had the pleasure of meeting this one here in Atlanta  He and his brother are drop dead gorgeous ( Honey Drop Sensationnnnssss) . As if Television  or the big scene does nothing for them. Dear Lord I was on the elevator and almost passed the hell out while at work. Spill my tea and coffee and what ever else. Just freakin Ridiculous!

    Name : Boris Kodjoe 
    Height: 6'4'
    Age: 40
    Born: March 8, 1973 Vienna, Austria
    Profession: Actor/ Model


    Im so glad he is back and has been kicking ass with ever job he is offered. He is simply magnificent in every way. Robert seems to be getting better and sweeter with age.  I enjoy watching him perform his extravagantly arrogant roles. He is genius and he know it..and so do we! Hes funny,endearing, courageous, and committed to his art form. We've had the privilege to watch him grow up on the big screen. And what a man he has become. Yum! Handsome as ever and I want more!

    Name : Robert Downing Jr 
    Height: 5'9'
    Age: 48
    Born: April 4, 1965   New York,NY
    Profession: Actor


    He was just in my Music choice because he is so incredibly talented and timeless. But spill my tea ... he is a dream to look at too. Although I will say his official "Hey Day" was back in the day(1996-97.) He still oozes sexyiness like no other. He is ethnic, unique, and so so Fine. He always has people looking for him so he seems to be very low key. He has been in the industry on and off for mamy years now. He can pretty much do whatever he wants just like he can with me ..(J/K) OMG spill my tea 'til the cops come knockin' MAX!


    Name : Maxwell
    Height: 5'10'
    Age: 39
    Born: May 23, 1973   Brooklyn, NY
    Profession: Musician


    Well where should I begin.... Johnny Depp has been the object of so many womens' dreams. In all age groups too ( recalling my baby sister age 15 admitting she loves her some him lol). He is talented, attractive and a bad boy for life. As my honorary honey dip for life I don't think i can ever let this one go. My crushes come and go like the wind. But this sweetie pie is a keeper. Overall, he appears to be cultured, sexy, and seemingly dangerous. We likey, we likey Johnny baby! Who cares if it isn't true; which would be even more exciting if he was just a teddy bear. From small screen to the big screen I don't have to go in depth about all his amazing and risky accomplishments. He is wildly entertaining and he is in many of our favorite movies like: Out of Time , Edward Scissors Hands,  (favorite) Cry Baby, Public Enemy, Pirates of The Caribbean,ect...the list continues trust me. He is worth over 300 million he has put in some serious work. Call me Johnny call me..make my disturbing dark fantsy come true.

    Name : Johnny Depp 
    Height: 5'10'
    Age: 49
    Born: June 9,1963  Owenburo,KY  
    Profession: Actor


    Only 22 years and a complete dream. He has a pretty eclectic body of work.  From The Nowhere boy (john Lennon Bio Pic), Kick Ass 1 &2 , Savages, and my personal favorite Anna Karenina. He is a gorgeous actor who is only 22. But i knew he had an old soul when I saw his new wife Sam Taylor-Wood is 20 years his senior. I don't think this hottie father of two will be going any where anytime soon.

    Name : Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Height: 5'11'
    Age: 22
    Born: June 13, 1990 in  HIgh Wycombe
    Profession: Actor


    Damn Ri Ri did that !! 

    Well Well Well Professional Baseball Player of the LA dodgers, Matt Kemp is a definite head turner. He first got my attention back when he dated Rihanna a year or two ago. And i thought to my self ,"Ri Ri stepped her game up."  He is handsome, fit, and has an adorable smile. Caramel Cutie has been playing with "the big boys" ( major leagues)  since 2003.  He is a giver apparently ..... due to his involvement in many charities and his personal community creation of Kemp Kids. Awwwwee. love this dude . check out his site http://therealmattkemp.com/ . Kemp is no longer playing with "the big boys," he is "the big BOI" and I'm in Love.

    Name : Matt Kemp
    Height: 6’3'
    Age: 28
    Born: September 23, 1984 in  Midwest city, OK
    Profession:  Major League Baseball Player ( # 27)


    Previous Green Bay Packers, and famously New Orleans Saints Safety Darren Sharper is fine as hell. Lately Sharper is now showing off his foot ball skills in a different way as an analyst for ESPN and the NFL Network. My Honey Dip is still working after his 14 year career of football and his face is still pretty, You go boy!! He made my B-day on the 3rd  when i saw him live as an analyst on the Superbowl. Just Wonderful.... They could have let the power stay off all night at that damn Super Dome. As long as if I was snuggled next to Mr. Sharper . Tee Hee .. Spill my tea!

    Name : Darren Sharper
    Height: 6’2'
    Age: 37
    Born: November 3, 1976 in  Richmond,VI
    Profession:  Formally NFL Foot Ball Player, Football Analyst


    spill My tea... This is a good one!v Mechad Brooks has made television appearance on Desperate Housewives, my favorite Trueblood, and more recent Necessary Roughness. He has only done a couple movies but I would love to see him more on the silver screen. He is gorgeous and chiseled like a Greek god of some sort.Unfortunately, he is taken and it makes me weep at night. But I wipe my tears away every time I see him on my .v. He is a true HONEY DIP. mmm ...mmm... good

     Name : Mechad Brooks
     Height: 6’3'
    Age: 32
    Born: October 25, 1980 in  Austin, TX
    Profession:  Actor/Model


    Just Adorable ... I first noticed him on Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"  He was sexy, smart, and just a sweet heart in the role. I was instantly in love and semi obsessed for like a week or two. He is fabulous and actually a decent actor as well. Most recognize him from the television show like CSI:Miami, and the movie "Magic Mike." Incredible!

     Name : Adam Rodriguez
     Height: 6’0'
    Age: 37
    Born: April 2, 1975 in  Yonkers, NY
    Profession:  Actor


    Bradley Cooper ...hmmm geez he is one of the those I prefer shirtless. Sorry I didn't share his many beautiful photos that are in fact with clothes on ... come on can you really blame me. Fab actor and always seems to have fun in most of his roles. I feel he always chooses very unique roles fo himself. And when you read more about this guy you realize he is a pretty unique dude. Fluent in french and graduated with honors he not just a hottie with a great chest. He has a brain tooooooo! lolololol Spill my damn tea

     Name : Bradley Copper
     Height: 6’1'
    Age: 37
    Born: January 5, 1975 in  Phillidelphia, PA
    Profession:  Actor


    Idris Alba mmmm mmmm ! Is it to late to ask Santa for this handsome handsome creature. Goodness ..spill my tea! Idris Elba has mastered television, movies and my heart. He is a  true honey dip and is always working hard at his craft. Even talks of him one day playing James Bond..hmmmm ... This Brit can do whatever he wants. .I just want him to keep working...I love it when he speaks in his accent ....(fanning myself) he is adorable.

     Name : Idris Elba
     Height: 6’3'
    Age: 40
    Born: September 6, 1972 in  London Borough of Hackney
    Profession:  Actor


    Henry Cavill has that chiseled, good boy look about him. He is a dreamboat that has been acting and modeling since his youth. He is one of the many Brits that have stolen my heart. I noticed him when he played in the Count of Monte Cristo ( one of my favorite movies/ books ever!) And women went "bonkers" for this guy when he played Theseus in Immortals. He is now about to perform as The Man of Steel (produced by Christopher Nolan)  .. that I am so very excited about. Mr. Cavill in tights below.. Just pure wonderfulness !! lol

     Name : Henry Cavill
     Height: 6’1″
    Age: 29
    Born: May 5, 1983 in  Jersey , Channel islands
    Profession:  Actor, model


    Spill... my .. tea.. .. moment of silence for my Latin heart throb. He is always seen on  television. Either is some kind of T.V. movie or sitcom. Honey bunny is always working so i can get a dose of my Kevin pooh! Kevin Alejandro has been in shows such as Southland, Breakout kings, and my personal favorite... True Blood. He is hot hot hot .. and a personal favorite.  Even though he is married ......( she is a cutie too.. so its ok )

     Name : Kevin Alegando
     Height: 6’0″
    Age: 36
    Born: April 7, 1976 in  San Antonio , TX
    Profession:  Actor


    Lance has been around for quite awhile now. He can almost be called a veteran in TV land. making house wives and teenage girls around the country daydream. Between those Abs the killer smile he is a cutie patutie. Its getting cold.... and I would warm up to some of this Cocoa anytime. ♥ Spill my Hot Chocolate!

    Name : Lance gross
     Height: 6’0″
    Age: 31
    Born: July 8, 1981 in  Oakland, CA
    Profession:  Actor, Model


    Thanksgiving is for being thankful for what you have. Well, in this case I am thankful for things i don't necessarily have. God bless the day Willy Will decided to hit our shores this Model /DJ makes me grin with such happiness. Is  it Those washboard abs, or his gorgeous eyes. hmmmm.... maybe is wonderful personality! nahhhhhh.... although I'm sure he his a great person I really don't care. Willy pooh tape your mouth shut and lets model boyfriend and girlfriend for tonight. I'm sure you can do it doll face... HEE HEE ! Spill my teaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Name : Willy Monfret
     Height: 6’3″
    Age: 30
    Born: October 31, 1982 in  Paris, France
    Profession:  Model , DJ (loves music)


    OPPS.... ya girl did it again! Spilling tea on my blouse to this jaw dropper...  Jason ohh Jason hear my prayer! Known for his too hot for TV  roles in Stargate : Atlantis , and HBO's Game of Thrones and my personal favorite Conan the Barbarian. He has gone from clean  cut cutie pie model to rough n' sexy television actor. Even after 140 stitches in a bar brawl he still makes my liver quiver. Ahhh ... Jason read me poetry in the park somewhere and I promise I'll be a good girl for the moment ... Never last too long but this temporary crush is major ya'll !

    Name : Joesph Jason Namakaeha
     Height: 6’5″
    Age: 33
    Born: August 1, 1979 in Honolulu , Hawaii
    Profession: Actor, model , writer


    I think I spilled all kinds of tea on this one.. Ahhh Joe Manganiello is a true Beauty and the Beast. Known for his roles on the small screen ( my FAV: ♥ True blood) and abrupt take over of the Silver Screen. He is officially one of those rare beauties that you don't get tired of staring at during your morning breakfast of Jim Beam on the rocks. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


     Name: Joseph Michael Manganiello
    Nicknames: Joe
    Height: 6’5″
    Age: 35
    Born: December 28, 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Profession: Actor

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